VIP Club Packages

Unforgettable nights with our luxury limo services

Going out should be easy, fun and unforgettable, so why bother with driving, parking or waiting in line? Your night out with Chariots means VIP access to a number of DC’s hottest clubs and ultra chill lounges. Select from a gallery of gorgeous vehicles and visit our blog to cruise a selection of clubs waiting to offer you exclusive specials. Cheers!

Additional Information

Chariots For Hire does not charge for the VIP Package! Please note: Entrance is not guaranteed and is at Club Management’s discretion.

Gratuity is at our customer’s discretion.

NOTE: Chariots For Hire wants to ensure that passengers riding around Washington DC are transported safely and that patrons are aware of the District of Columbia’s laws regarding open containers of alcohol aboard any vehicle transporting people for compensation.

If you are renting a vehicle from Chariots for Hire, please read below regarding Open Container Laws in Washington DC:

According to The District of Columbia Municipal Regulations Title 25-1001 (a)(2) “No person in the District shall drink an alcoholic beverage or possess in an open container an alcoholic beverage in or upon any of the following places: (2) A vehicle in or upon any street, alley, park or parking area.” The Metropolitan Police Department’s Traffic Safety and Specialized Enforcement Branch will be conducting stops on all “Party Buses” and similar passenger carriers in an effort to educate each business and operator of the law regarding the possession of open containers of alcohol in vehicles traveling in the District of Columbia.

VIP Club Packages

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Check our VIP blog for the most up-to-date list of our specials with area clubs and lounges!

Priority & complimentary access to the club, however accommodations are often limited to certain times. Admission is at the discretion of the club management.

All bottle service must be handled directly with the club.

Only until 11pm unless otherwise stipulated with the club. VIP admission only applies to one club.

Fur & Ibiza however official ID is required for entrance.

Proper dress/attire, good behavior and proper identification. Admission is at the discretion of the club management.

Contact our office so that we can inform the club, but we regret we are not able to guarantee VIP admittance to the club after their specified hours.

Your safety and the comfort of all guests is our number one priority. Please be advised, standing and moving around while the bus is in motion is strictly prohibited.