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Washington DC Brewery Tours: Your Official Guide

DC Brew Tours

Craft beer may be only a small part of the overall US brewing industry, but it’s a rapidly growing one. Last year, craft breweries in the USA produced over 25 million barrels of beer and sold every last drop.

Artisan beers offer a unique character and charm that mass-produced beers simply can’t replicate. Each brewer has their own stories and traditions, which add immeasurable appeal to both new-brews as well as the classics. 

Are you curious about this new craving for craft beer? Here’s a heads up about the best brewery tours around. 

Brewery Tours Basics

The best way to get to grips with what goes on behind the scenes in a craft brewery is on a brewery tour, but there are a few things you need to know first. 

Driving under the influence of alcohol is never cool, and it’s also a criminal offense. If you get caught in Washington D.C you could go to jail for up to 180 days, or face a fine of $1,000.

You’ll have more fun if you round up some friends and enlist the services of a Washington DC limo service for your foray into the world of craft beer. You can hire a limo, an SUV, or even a 56-seater party bus in D.C. It’s can be a lot cheaper and less stressful than a DIY brewery tour for sure.

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, these are our top four st D.C breweries to put on your wish list. 

DC Brau

DC Brau’s the longest standing brewery in the area, having opened its doors in 1956, however, it wasn’t until 2011 that beer enthusiasts go to enjoy their first totally home-grown offerings. Since then DC Brau’s grown to occupy a 48,500 square foot warehouse off Bladensburg Road and currently brews 47 different varieties of craft beer.

These offerings combine the best of North American and European ingredients and techniques to create charismatic and uniquely American blends.

DC Brau’s tasting rooms are open for growler refills all week, and you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the proceedings every Saturday.


Bluejacket Brewery started out in 1919 as part of a ship and munitions manufacturing complex. It’s since been fine-tuned into a purpose-built brewery offering an ever-changing range of 20 beers and five cask ales.

The brewery offers two curated brewery tours on weekends, namely the Saturday Tasting Tour and the Friday Beers and Bites Tour.

Both tours give you the opportunity to peek behind the scenes at the day-to-day operations as well as sample five of their iconic brews. You can also try a host of hearty eats at the Bluejacket patio. 

3 Stars Brewing Co.

This lively brewery has produced over 200 unique creative beers from its premises in Chillum Place.  This successful brand has managed to double its production every year since it opened in 2012.

Discover more of the 3 Stars magic on an exciting brewery tour of the premises or on a Happy Hour outing. 

Book DC’s Best Brewery Tours

A chauffeured brewery tour is the best way to explore the sights and sounds as you sip and savor your way through the capital city’s thriving craft beer culture. 

Brewery tours are just one of the types of D.C tours in our portfolio, get in touch and we’ll help you see DC in a whole new light.