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Wine Tasting Tips: Getting the Most out of Your Wine Tasting Experience

Virginia Wine Tasting Tours

Virginia might not be the first place you think of for wine tasting, but you’d be surprised at the options available to you. Virginia’s wine country is actually one of the largest producers of wine in the country, and the quality rivals what you’ll find from the massive west coast wine countries.

If you’re interested in Virginia wine tasting tours but want to make sure you get the most out of the experience, we’re here to help. Read on for our wine tasting tips, and then go out and experience it for yourself.

Plan Ahead

With winery options galore in Virginia, it’s important to plan ahead to make sure you get the most of your experience.

First, research and map out your Virginia Vineyards. Different regions often specialize in different types of wine, as well as different landscapes and history.

For example, if you want a region rich in history with plenty of easily accessible wineries, head to Monticello AVA. This region is the oldest in Virginia, and is often referred to as the birthplace of American wine. It’s also clustered around Charlottesville, and with a plethora of wineries located within 20 miles of the city, it’s a great option for those short on time, or those who want to pack a bunch of wineries into one trip.

It’s also important to plan your wardrobe. Wear comfortable shoes, as you’ll probably be doing a lot of walking on the tours. Dress in dark colors, in case you spill a little Merlot on you (it happens to the best of us). Make sure to bring a purse or satchel to hold your phone, notebook, etc. You’re always going to have one hand on a wine glass and you’ll want to have the other one free.

Also make sure to plan your transportation ahead of time. Nobody should be worried about driving after touring wine country.

Hydrate and Snack

This may seem like an obvious tip, but after a couple sips of wine you might get caught up in the moment and forget to take care of yourself.

Sipping water in between wines not only keeps you hydrated and alert, but it also cleanses your palate.

Make sure you eat breakfast before your wine tour, and bring snacks to munch on along the way. While it may be tempting to chug down wine on an empty stomach and throw caution to the wind, you won’t think so the next day.

Listen to the Winery

Winemakers know their wine better than anyone else, so it’s important to listen to their advice.

Drink your tastings in the order they recommend, as it’s often best for your palate. If the winery recommends a certain wine, try it, unless it’s a style you really don’t like.

Book Your Virginia Wine Tours Today

Now that you have those wine tasting tips memorized, it’s time to embark on your Virginia Wine Tasting Tours.

Whether you’re out on a romantic getaway or throwing a huge party, we have the transportation you need, customized to your preference. Book your Virginia wine tour today, and taste all this amazing state has to offer.